Top current affairs for 3rd May 2021


Top current affairs

1.                River Litani is the longest waterway in Lebanon. It has a counterfeit lake called the Qaraoun lake made by the Litani waterway dam. Around forty tons of fish were washed on the banks of the lake because of excessive contamination. The contamination was basically because of sewage unloading. 

2.                The Minister of Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari declared that the Government of India had set an objective of street development worth Rs 15 lakh crores in the next two years. 

3.                The scientists of Poland found the primary preserved pregnant lady. This is the first run-through in the set of experiences researchers have discovered a baby in a mummy. At first, the scientists thought the Mummy was a male cleric. 

4.                The Ministry of Finance delivered the primary portion of the State Disaster Relief Fund. As indicated by the Finance Ministry, the assets have been born early. 

5.                The World’s most giant plane worked by Strato launch finished its subsequent dry run from Mojave Air and Space Port in California. About the practice run, the flight arrived at an elevation of 4,267 meters during its dry run. 

6.                On May 1, 2021, India commences the four-hundredth Prakash Purab of Guru Tegh Bahadur. He was the 10th Sikh Guru. Master Tegh Bahadur was brought into the world in Amritsar, Punjab, in 1621. 

7.                The Government of Germany reported that it is to return the antiques called the “Benin Bronzes” to Nigeria. The “Benin Bronzes” are at present held in the exhibition hall of Germany. 

8.                The United Nations delivered the Global Forest Goals Report, 2021. As indicated by the report, the COVID-19 has expanded the difficulties looked by nations in dealing with their woodlands. 

9.                Russia created the central clump of COVID-19 antibodies for creatures. The name of the antibody is Carnivac-Cov. The World Health Organization affirmed the opportunities for transmission of infection among people and disease. 

10.             The Ministry of Finance declared that it is to give Rs 15,000 crores to the states for their Capital Expenditure for 2021-22. This is being given as interest-free fifty-year credit to spend on capital tasks.

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