European Union International locations Listing 2022 Members Listing and Powers

Europe’s European Union (EU) contains 27 international locations fashioned after World Battle II. The primary batch of countries joined the EU in 1957, together with Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. After the UK, Denmark, and Eire joined in 1973. The ten international locations joined within the mid-Eighties after Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, and Sweden joined in 1981, 1986 and 1995, respectively.

European Union International locations Listing 2022

Governing financial, social, and safety insurance policies in 27 European international locations, the EU is international. Starting within the twenty first century, Central and Jap Europe grew to become a part of the EU. The UK, one of many founding members of the EU, stop the Union in 2020. Twenty-eight international locations have been added to the United Nations since 2004, together with two in 2007, Croatia in 2013, and 9 in 2004. On June 23 2016, the UK left the European Union.

It’s a incontrovertible fact that the European Union got here into being due to the Maastricht Treaty of November 1, 1993. A single forex (the Euro), a typical overseas and safety coverage, and a a lot larger degree of cooperation in issues of immigration, asylum, and judicial affairs. In 2012, the EU received the Nobel Peace Prize to advertise peace and democracy in Europe.

European Union International locations Powers

Nation Accession Date
Austria January 1, 1995
Belgium March 25, 1957
Bulgaria January 1, 2007
Croatia July 1, 2013
Cyprus Might 1, 2004
Czech Republic Might 1, 2004
Denmark January 1, 1973
Estonia Might 1, 2004
Finland January 1, 1995
France March 25, 1957
Germany March 25, 1957
Greece January 1, 1981
Hungary Might 1, 2004
Eire January 1, 1973
Italy March 25, 1957
Latvia Might 1, 2004
Lithuania Might 1, 2004
Luxembourg March 25, 1957
Malta Might 1, 2004
Netherlands March 25, 1957
Poland Might 1, 2004
Portugal January 1, 1986
Romania January 1, 2007
Slovakia Might 1, 2004
Slovenia Might 1, 2004
Spain January 1, 1986
Sweden January 1, 1995

In 1957, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and different international locations joined the European Union, a bunch of 27 nations fashioned after World Battle II. In 1973, Denmark, the UK, and Eire joined the Union. EC membership was first achieved by Greece in 1981, adopted by Spain and Portugal in 1986 and Austria, Finland and Sweden in 1995. It was joined by 9 international locations in 2004, two extra in 2007, and Croatia in 2013 to change into 28 in all. The UK left the EU on June 23, 2016.

Azores Portugal Atlantic Ocean
Canary Islands  Spain Atlantic Ocean
French Guiana  France South America
Guadeloupe  France Caribbean
Madeira  Portugal Atlantic Ocean
Martinique  France Caribbean
Mayotte[13] France Indian Ocean
 Réunion  France Indian Ocean
 Saint-Martin  France Caribbean


In addition to the EU, 19 international locations share a forex union with the Eurozone, which makes use of the Euro as its official forex. Residents of these 22 international locations can journey freely throughout the Schengen Space. The EU additionally features a few international locations, not members of the EU, corresponding to Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland. There’s a uniform visa coverage for worldwide journey within the space operated as a single nation.

Europeon International locations Members Full Listing 2022

As a political and financial union based mostly on the founding treaties, the European Union, with 27 member states, shares the advantages and obligations of membership. Based on their treaties, a number of the duties of their authorities are shared with the European Union, however not all of them. The state authorities and union should vote unanimously for some union insurance policies; a professional majority is required for others.

European Union Countries List

The EU is exclusive amongst different worldwide organizations on account of its obligations and shared sovereignty. The ECJ dominated in 1964 that the member states are topic to its authorized order, because the founding treaties present for a authorized binding and supreme order. The subsidiarity precept is likely one of the union’s founding rules, which stipulates that selections can solely be made collectively in the event that they can’t be taken individually.

Along with the European Fee commissioners, membership within the European Union has different noteworthy options. These teams are comprised of members appointed by member states; nonetheless, the members don’t characterize the curiosity of their states; as a substitute, they characterize the pursuits of all states taking part within the course of.


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