New state school boards to see equivalence from AIU

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In July, Union Education Ministry gave a nod to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) meant for providing equivalence certificates to class X and XII students passing out from new state school boards.
The newly established school education boards will now have to apply for equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). However, the already existing state education boards need not apply for equivalence as they already are deemed equivalent.
To get equivalence from AIU, the new state education boards would be required to comply with the provisions of NEP 2020, Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009 and follow the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). AIU will prepare a centralised list of state education boards which would be granted equivalence for a smoother process.
Some of the unrecognised school boards are; the All India Council for Open Education, New Delhi, Indian Council of Open School Certificate Examination, Maharashtra and Akhil Bhartiya Rashtriya Vidyapeeth, Karnataka. Apart from this, there are a host of other unrecognised state school boards in the country as well.
Speaking to Education Times, Pankaj Mittal, secretary-general, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), says, “This is not for the already existing school education boards. The new state education board will be required to get an equivalence certificate and need to comply with the provisions of NEP 2020 and RTE 2009 and follow National Curriculum Framework (NCF). AIU will soon release the list of school boards that will be been given equivalence to save the students from facing any difficulty.”
“Students will not face any hassle while taking admission to colleges as universities will not question the authenticity of their respective state boards. Currently, there are about 100 school boards that are not recognised. We will complete the process of granting equivalence to the state school boards within six months,” informs Mittal.
“AIU has an equivalence committee, governing council and an expert committee that will be involved in completing the process,” adds Mittal.
Jagbir Singh, chairman, Board of School Education Haryana (BSEH), says, “Our school education board is already deemed equivalent as it has been existing for a very long time. The SOPs that have been laid down by the Education Ministry would make the migration process of students from a new state school board to a deemed equivalent board a smooth process. Recently, four students who passed class X from Bihar board came to seek admission under our board, were not able to get admission as there was no equivalence of Bihar Board with us.
We requested the Bihar Board to write a letter for seeking equivalency from us and the entire process took six months and due to this the students had to suffer a lot. Now once AIU grants equivalence to the new state school boards, they wouldn’t be required to seek equivalence from other boards and would be included in the centralised list of equivalent boards of AIU automatically.”
“There exist about 125 fake school boards out of which around 60 are in Delhi. As per the SOPs issued, the particular state board cannot open its centres in any state other than in its home state. Sometime back, the Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE) which is Sikkim based established its franchise in Haryana which was illegal, but we allowed it as it was mandated by its Legislative Assembly.
Therefore, we gave it equivalence on September 30, 2021 and after that it came to our notice that two class X pass certificates had come to us for verification of equivalence on September 13, 2021 from the same board. Since these certificates were issued to students before we gave their board equivalence, we immediately cancelled BOSSE’s equivalence,” informs Singh.


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