Here are some of the latest news highlights from India

Here are some of the latest news highlights from India:

  • India Today Conclave 2024: The event was highlighted by the India Today Group Chairman, emphasizing the growth of the ‘India Movement’. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman criticized the opposition’s protests against the government’s policies​​.
  • Judiciary and Politics: The Supreme Court collegium stated that a person’s political past alone cannot be the basis for denying judgeship​​.
  • Electoral Funding: Companies like Vedanta Ltd, Bharti Airtel, RPSG Group, and Essel Mining were among the top political funders over the last five years under a now-scrapped political funding system​​.
  • Protests and Political Developments: There have been protests over Pawan Kalyan’s decision to contest in the Andhra Pradesh polls and discussions on conducting simultaneous state and national elections​​​​.
  • Health and Safety Alerts: The India Meteorological Department issued heatwave alerts in parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh​​.
  • Law and Order: A murder accused live-streamed from a jail in Uttar Pradesh, claiming he was “enjoying in heaven”​​. Additionally, a case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act was registered against former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa for allegedly harassing a minor​​.
  • Innovative Security Measures: Telangana Police plans to deploy trained eagles to counter drone threats, taking inspiration from European nations​​.

These news items reflect a wide range of developments in India, covering political, social, and environmental issues.

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